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Let your cares go as your feet get special attention, bringing wellbeing to the entire body.

Reflexology has been known to bring relief to aching, painful feet as well as all the glands, organs, and parts of the body while working on reflexes in the feet. Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health challenges by reducing stress in the corresponding area. While it can improve blood supply and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses, the body cannot be unbalanced by working an area too much. Using the Ingram Method where Reflexology got started in the 30's, Marjorie will bring delight to your feet as you relax, leaving you with a sense of light and sparkles flowing through your body. 'Great for hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, sleeping, neck, low back, and sciatic problems.

"With lumbar disc problems, Marjorie's reflexology has helped me with less pain and I have much more movement in my day. Thank you!"
A. B., N. San Juan, CA

Marjorie McDougal, LMP
her training in Reflexology is from the International Institute of Reflexology and has completed Phase III toward certification. She works with chiropractors, neurologists and physicians that prescribe therapy.


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