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Western Astrology - Your Spiritual Journey

Western Astrology has proven over the years to bring insights of our Soul's consciousness, with our unique God given talents and abilities to assist us, as we journey to spiritual perfection and unity with God. Life's karmic events and patterns of gifts and lessons throughout our lifetime emerge from the chart giving a birds-eye view of our path.
I will take a positive stance with interpreting the effects of the energies these influential planets give in your chart. Coupled with my 35 years of astrological experience and training, and my understanding of Yogananda's spiritual teachings, these readings will guide, inspire, and uplift your Soul's journey.

Your Life's Journey Report -Your charts will be produced to identify the evolution of this life, your tendencies and potentials that you were born with. Your Spiritual Gifts, Relationships, Career, Health, and your Spiritual Growth will be considered. We'll look at your current life's issues and discuss strategies of working with the planetary influences in the upcoming year.
90 min/charts & tape included.

Your Journey Updated -With the same spiritual focus, we'll glance at the upcoming year's aspects and influences of the planets in your chart.
60 min/charts & tape included.

Special Focus Reports - Career, Relationships, Health, Spiritual Growth - We'll look at the natal and current potentials, trends and lessons within your journey. We'll look at how to aim at a superconscious approach to life's opportunities and challenges in the area you've chosen.
60 min/charts & tape included.

"Marjorie has a solid grounding in Western Astrology. With intuition and sensitivity, she puts the often baffling astrological influences into perspective! I have found her readings very helpful in dealing with life's challenges."
N. Graeber, Nevada City, CA

How to get a reading: Please call Marjorie with the date, time and place of your birth, and your current home location.
Marjorie can be reached at 478-7785, to answer questions and schedule your appointment.

Marjorie McDougal, LMP
has been studying and practicing astrology since 1972. She focuses on the spiritual development of the soul. A disciple of Yogananda since 1985, his influence pervades her readings. A licensed massage therapist, Marjorie is available for therapeutic bodywork.


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